“It’s a CRUDE world out there. REFINE your beauty regimen with OIL TYCOON.”


What is an oil tycoon?: a powerful person in the oil business.

An oil base dominates all of our products to hydrate, nourish, and FUEL the hair, face and body. Our brand’s name was inspired by our proximity to the oil & gas sector. Just as the global demand for the oil industry is infinite, so is the search for an everlasting beauty fix.

Everyday indulgences and keeping up with ever-changing beauty fads can be damaging to us. They say beauty is pain but we say beauty is a ritualistic practice: it requires maintenance, routine, and diligence. At OIL TYCOON, we promote blocking out the world and taking time for self-care. We are a restorative beauty brand designed for women who don’t want to book a spa appointment every time they want to see and feel remarkable results. Our concentrated formulas are infused with vitamins, nutrients, fresh herbs and calming essential oils that can renew, repair, and replenish. There is transparency, clarity, and simplicity in all of our ingredients and we intend to keep it that way.

It’s a CRUDE world out there. REFINE your beauty regimen with OIL TYCOON


A few years ago, a life of constant travel with a busy oil tycoon left my hair and skin dehydrated. I was running on empty when I started experimenting and that is when my elaborate affair with botanical beauty oils began.
I remembered a fond childhood memory of the ‘Hair Oiling Express Train’; every Sunday, my mother would oil my hair as I playfully oiled my sister’s hair. It was a soothing yet invigorating sensation.

My mother’s traditional hair oiling formula made with 8 natural oils, designed to seal in moisture, was my secret saviour. Growing up in India, she held daily hair oiling as her sacred beauty routine and the gentle massaging of her scalp a holistic practice. Following her lead, whenever I came home from a trip, I would spend a week repairing my hair until eventually, the hair oil became the first item on my packing checklist. I want to share her formula with anyone who has ever had a bad hair day, week or month. The NCT Heavy Blend Hair Oil - our very first product - is designed to strengthen and lengthen the hair. Oils are my focus while their different densities inspire our product’s names, fusing the two emerging oil industries together. Named NCT after The National Capital Territory of Delhi in India, this heavy-duty hair oil can even repair daily damage from this busy, diesel-powered city. Indian mothers passing down ancient beauty secrets to their daughters is a century-old tradition and I would love to share my family’s secrets with you.